Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Trio Set

Bebe' Bib...keeps baby clean
Baby Burper...keeps mommy clean
Tiggle...makes baby happy

Trio Set...makes mommy happy!

What a great set! Everything you need to keep both baby and mommy clean and happy.

The Bebe' Bib features a great cotton print on the front, is backed with super soft white minky, has an adjustable snap closure at the neck and is completed with a matching bow at the nape of the neck. This bib is great for everyday wear to catch the drool, spit up or even the mess of a meal - it washes up great, even the bow!

The Baby Burper is made from a Gerber prefold, so you can be sure it's highly absorbent. With a great print featured on the front, it's hip enough for even a fashionista mama. Matching ribbon trim along the bottom gives it that finished look.

The Tiggle is a ribbon security blanket - it's 12 inches square with minky on one side and a cute print on the other side. Each edge of the lovey has plenty of ribbon to keep baby interested. But this is not your average ribbon-loop blanket which only has simple loops of ribbon sewn around the edges. The Tiggle has singles & doubles, corkscrews & curly-q's, and a few things in between. There is something for every baby!

All fabrics have been prewashed, all ribbons have been heatsealed, all items sewn in my smoke-free studio!

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Jenn said...

Totally Adorable, but I don't see where to buy them. I looked in your etsy shop. I'd love to see more...