Saturday, December 13, 2008

Save Handmade!

Children's Boutiques nationwide are in danger! Etsy sellers of childrens items may shut down! Why? Click on the little bear below for more info and support handmade items!

Save Handmade Toys

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Trio Set

Bebe' Bib...keeps baby clean
Baby Burper...keeps mommy clean
Tiggle...makes baby happy

Trio Set...makes mommy happy!

What a great set! Everything you need to keep both baby and mommy clean and happy.

The Bebe' Bib features a great cotton print on the front, is backed with super soft white minky, has an adjustable snap closure at the neck and is completed with a matching bow at the nape of the neck. This bib is great for everyday wear to catch the drool, spit up or even the mess of a meal - it washes up great, even the bow!

The Baby Burper is made from a Gerber prefold, so you can be sure it's highly absorbent. With a great print featured on the front, it's hip enough for even a fashionista mama. Matching ribbon trim along the bottom gives it that finished look.

The Tiggle is a ribbon security blanket - it's 12 inches square with minky on one side and a cute print on the other side. Each edge of the lovey has plenty of ribbon to keep baby interested. But this is not your average ribbon-loop blanket which only has simple loops of ribbon sewn around the edges. The Tiggle has singles & doubles, corkscrews & curly-q's, and a few things in between. There is something for every baby!

All fabrics have been prewashed, all ribbons have been heatsealed, all items sewn in my smoke-free studio!

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Desiree! Your suggestion of a "Tiggle" really hit the spot and was exactly what I was looking for. It's short, sweet & cute, & memorable, too. I like that it's a combination of a tickle and a giggle, both of which are appealing to mommies and babies. Start thinking about what kind of Tiggle you want, cause you earned it!

Tiggle !!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Contest Deadline Extended

Okay, just wanted to let everyone know that I've lifted the deadline (originally July 21) for the contest because I don't have a name yet! I don't know when I'll end it, probably when I decide on a name! So keep the suggestions coming until I post that it's over. :)

Oh, and I've got some more loveys made, girly ones this time.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lovey Pictures and Contest #1 Deadline

For those of you visual people, I posted a couple of pictures in the "Contest #1" post. Take a peek and see if that gives you any inspiration for a new name.

I love all the suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming, you have until midnight on Monday, July 21st to suggest names, at which point the contest will close and I will have to decide on a name. Remember, even if I don't pick one of the suggested names, I will still award a free lovey to one of the people who have been nice enough to help me on this endeavor. :-)

Oh, and I feel I should add this legal leaving a comment with name suggestions(s) you agree to allow Lizabeth Design to use your name suggestion and relinquish all rights to it. In essence, if I choose your suggestion, you won't get any royalties or have any right to sue me for using the name. However, you would be awarded a free lovey of your choice (and bragging rights, of course!!)

Finally, here's a picture of a lovey "in action". This is my littlest one, Ellery Paige. She loves her lovey!! (Remember, more pictures below!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Contest #1 - win a free Lovey!

**Update** Pictures posted below!

It's time for our first contest! I've been working on tweaking the design of my ribbon security blankets and think I finally have it perfected! All it needs now is a new name, and that's where you come in! I named my old ribbon blankie's "Loopy Loveys" because all of the ribbon sewn around the edges were looped back into the edge of the blanket. But now, most of the ribbons are not looped and there is a much greater variety - from corkscrews, to singles, to doubles, even triples and some other fun stuff, too! My littlest one, Ellery, really loves it and plays with it a lot more than she did the original design.

The blankies are 12" square, one side is a super-soft minky and the other side is a cotton or flannel print, usually from a popular designer like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Alexander Henry, etc. There are ribbons sewn all around the four edges of the blanket for the baby to play with. Somewhat similiar to a popular ribbon-loop blanket (who shall remain unamed due to trademarks on the name)...only better. :P Here are a couple of pictures to wet your appetite. :)

Look at all that ribbon! I don't know any baby that will be able to resist it!

But what to call it? It could be anything along the lines of how it looks, what it's made of, what it's used for, how a child plays with it, etc. The sky is the limit!

So here's the deal, post a comment to this post with a possible name (or two or three!), and if I pick your suggestion, I'll send you a free lovey for your little one! You'll get to choose each fabric side - one side is a minky, the other is a fabulous print - and I'll coordinate the ribbons. And if I don't end up using one of the names suggested from this contest, I'll still randomly pick a comment to award a free lovey. I'll keep the contest open for a few weeks, and as the deadline approaches, which I'm not even sure yet when that is, I'll post a reminder and let ya'll know the ending date. So put on your thinking caps and let the games begin!

Note: be sure to include your email or some other form of contact so I can reach you if you win!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog! Where to even start? This blog is really long overdue, as I've been meaning to get it rolling for quite awhile now. I've been wanting to have a place where I can tell everyone what's going on with my little business, so here I am!

I started Lizabeth Design several years ago when I thought it would be fun to sew a purse. I learned to use a sewing machine as a little girl (thanks, Mom!) and used to sew clothes for my Cabbage Patch dolls - the original ones, not the ones you see in the stores today. :) I have to admit, my first purse left much to be desired, as my friend Amy can attest to since I sent it to her. And my first diaperbag was probably even worse (sorry Justine!). But things have come together much better since then and I've had many happy customers! Check out my Flickr photo slideshow on the right side. I'll try to keep it updated with the most current pictures uploaded.

More recently I expanded to include "Lizzy D", which is "an itty bitty division of Lizabeth Design" and is my line of baby items. Lizzy D includes bibs, blankies, burp cloths, pacifier clips, changing pads, baby shoes, hair bows, and head bands; hoping to start in on some baby/toddler clothing pretty soon. I'm having a lot of fun with all the cute fabrics and have to admit I have way too many projects on my "to do" list! I can't help myself, when I see a new cute fabric it just seems to jump right into my cart! :)

So many projects, so little time...I guess I better get off the computer and decide which one to start on next! Stay tuned for more updates, contests, polls and hopefully new finished projects! Be sure to check out my current items at my etsy store:

If you want to be emailed whenever I put up a new post here, click the "Posts (Atom)" link. If you just want to say, "Hi!" then leave me a comment here! (Click the small "comments" link just below.)