Saturday, June 28, 2008

Contest #1 - win a free Lovey!

**Update** Pictures posted below!

It's time for our first contest! I've been working on tweaking the design of my ribbon security blankets and think I finally have it perfected! All it needs now is a new name, and that's where you come in! I named my old ribbon blankie's "Loopy Loveys" because all of the ribbon sewn around the edges were looped back into the edge of the blanket. But now, most of the ribbons are not looped and there is a much greater variety - from corkscrews, to singles, to doubles, even triples and some other fun stuff, too! My littlest one, Ellery, really loves it and plays with it a lot more than she did the original design.

The blankies are 12" square, one side is a super-soft minky and the other side is a cotton or flannel print, usually from a popular designer like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Alexander Henry, etc. There are ribbons sewn all around the four edges of the blanket for the baby to play with. Somewhat similiar to a popular ribbon-loop blanket (who shall remain unamed due to trademarks on the name)...only better. :P Here are a couple of pictures to wet your appetite. :)

Look at all that ribbon! I don't know any baby that will be able to resist it!

But what to call it? It could be anything along the lines of how it looks, what it's made of, what it's used for, how a child plays with it, etc. The sky is the limit!

So here's the deal, post a comment to this post with a possible name (or two or three!), and if I pick your suggestion, I'll send you a free lovey for your little one! You'll get to choose each fabric side - one side is a minky, the other is a fabulous print - and I'll coordinate the ribbons. And if I don't end up using one of the names suggested from this contest, I'll still randomly pick a comment to award a free lovey. I'll keep the contest open for a few weeks, and as the deadline approaches, which I'm not even sure yet when that is, I'll post a reminder and let ya'll know the ending date. So put on your thinking caps and let the games begin!

Note: be sure to include your email or some other form of contact so I can reach you if you win!


Anonymous said...

How about minky binky? Your stuff is so cute!

toifrogs at Hip Girl

Jenna said...

How about lizzy lovey?

Anonymous said...

How about Ribbits? (because of the ribbons-it's cute!) or Ribbeys (ribbons and lovey put together), or Lovins. :)

rebeccalw68 said...

How about "Doopy Dovey's?"

rebeccalw68 at Hip Girls

Hilary (mom2girls) said...

My suggestions are:
Lovey Doveys
comfy ribbies
snuggle loveys

I could probably name tons more HAHA

Stephanie said...

Hi this is Stephanie H. from the bargain board. (momloves2boys) These blankets are so cute.
my e-mail is

1. How about the name Lovey Rubby! because they love it and rub it to comfort them.
2. Ribby Rubbys (b/c of the ribbons that they rub)

3. Rub a dubs!
4. Rub- a- lovie
5. Rub a luvs

Chris (baby_chris) said...

How about Ribbons of Love or Soothing Ribbons?

Risa said...

Risa from are my suggestions
Liz*ez lov*ez
Love *ez by Lizzy
Love * ez by Liz*E
AEB Lovey (Annalise, Eller, Betsy)

Anonymous said...

how about lizzy minky, lizzy binky, cuddlers, lizzy soothies, soothers, snuggly lizzys (lizzies)


Anonymous said...

From the bargain board as well...
how about,
Twisted Loveys
Love my Ribbons
Curly Sue Loveys

Anonymous said...

lovey wubbeys
snuggle bugs
cute n cuddlys
cozy bugs

bbc bh mom :)

kris said...

another bbc here...
here are my ideas.

A Ribbon to Love
A Ribbon to Lovey
Soft and Lovey
Wuvy Dovey
Love my Ribby
Trimmed Lovey

Anonymous said...

Busy Blankie
Blinkie (combo of minky and blanket) :)

jennygoff from hipgirls

I'll be back when I think of more...LOL

hotbargainmomma said...

Another bargain board momma here. How about...

Rub'n Ribbons or Rub'n Ribbies
Snuggle Ribbons or Snuggle Ribbies
Twist Ties
Minky Love
Cuddle Rubs
Ribs & Rubs
Ribby Rubby


M said...

"Loops of Love" by Lizzy D

I absolutely cannot wait to see it.

M said...

Sorry my e-mail is:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like "Tender Taggie Tuggies"
Good luck with a name! and great little product!

Brittany said...

love from a blankie, minky twinkies, or minkies for twinkies(babies) rittany from Hipgirls

Anonymous said...

Brunhilde from the HipGirls here...

Lizzy's Rubby D♥light

embe designs said...

Here are a couple ideas
Hug and Tug
Tug and Hug
(as in tug the ribbons and hug the lovey)

Your new creation is super cute!

Kat said...

Tangle Toy

Courtney said...

Hey Betsy! I could go crazy with your stuff...can't wait til I have a girl ;-)

How 'bout D'Lovey...(play-on-words from D'Lovely).

Pointy Mom said...

Call it a Bliggle. (Blankie + Giggle)

Desiree (desaztor) bbc said...

** Tiggles (tugs and giggles)

** Loverlys (Lizzy's Loverlys)

Or the T in tiggles for Touch(y)

Anonymous said...

** Tiggles (tugs and giggles)... touch n giggles, touchy giggles.

Desiree (desaztor) bbc

Fannie said...

How about...

Tuggie My Huggie
tug my huggie
huggie my tuggie

aka Fannie

Anonymous said...

Wittle Woobie

For those of you that don't know what a woobie is- it's a favorite object used to comfort or keep warm.

hotbargainmomma said...

How about Twaggles (twist + tag + giggles)

kiernan05 said...

What about taglet? Or a tiglet?

This is kiernan05 from the coupon thread on BBC

Cindi - BHB Mommy MaybeBaby06 said...


Snug'N Tug (SnugNTug)