Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lovey Pictures and Contest #1 Deadline

For those of you visual people, I posted a couple of pictures in the "Contest #1" post. Take a peek and see if that gives you any inspiration for a new name.

I love all the suggestions so far! Keep 'em coming, you have until midnight on Monday, July 21st to suggest names, at which point the contest will close and I will have to decide on a name. Remember, even if I don't pick one of the suggested names, I will still award a free lovey to one of the people who have been nice enough to help me on this endeavor. :-)

Oh, and I feel I should add this legal leaving a comment with name suggestions(s) you agree to allow Lizabeth Design to use your name suggestion and relinquish all rights to it. In essence, if I choose your suggestion, you won't get any royalties or have any right to sue me for using the name. However, you would be awarded a free lovey of your choice (and bragging rights, of course!!)

Finally, here's a picture of a lovey "in action". This is my littlest one, Ellery Paige. She loves her lovey!! (Remember, more pictures below!)


Tessa said...


Just show your post on and I thought I'd throw some more idea out there for you.

Mommy2lilgems said...

So cute, also love the name Ellery (my little brother's name is Ellery) you almost never see that name!

elizabeth said...

Not sure if you picked a name for the blanket or not....but how about Tickel Tags??